Yehudah Trottier (ricochet_rabbit) wrote in arborphilia,
Yehudah Trottier


If you are an arborphiliac, or you support the cause of arborphilia — and people's right to choose what to love, I have created this helpful banner for you:

If you can also link this image to this community and spread the word, that can also help. Also, is anyone here interested in helping me build a website? Although this community has existed for a long time, we still don't have a website about arborphilia.
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Added to info!

Hell yeah, tree lovin'!


September 5 2006, 10:17:45 UTC 11 years ago

i apologize if i offended you;

it's that fine line between what is pornographic and what is provoking, within an artistic medium.

i understand. just wanted to get that apology out, while touching upon another side of what you saw and immediately banned.
There's nothing quite as touching and heartfelt as an unsigned apology from an anonymous stranger on the Internet.


September 5 2006, 22:49:24 UTC 11 years ago

so if that was sarcastic, stop being a dick, i was being sincere.
your livejournal community etiquette and mine are obviously different, and that's okay.

my username is banned now, because of the post.

so, anonymous, right?

just trying to leave something.

in regards to an actual joke. ...that's part of a larger joke, this community. i am not trivializing, i love trees as much as the next tree-lover, but as far as that devotion goes, i'm pretty astounded that there's such... um, pettiness, i guess, and energy invested in a community, on livejournal, on the internet.
love trees, go figure something out for them, or be out and appreciate your favorite ones, like, what's the deal with the weird community stuff?

i truly did think this was a joke, with the utmost respect. [i think {affectionately} just about everything is a joke.]

anyway. i hope the anonymity and sincerity has been clarified-- though i don't know that that sort of thing matters here or anywhere else between usernamed strangers on the Internet.

karen n. encarnacion
your livejournal community etiquette and mine are obviously different, and that's okay.
Are you sure?

Your sincerity offends my sarcastic sensibility.

Anonymously yours,

Len Kennedy


September 6 2006, 07:06:10 UTC 11 years ago

Positive; I don't know how to make those sweet blue lines.


Or does that just mean our modes of etiquette differ? Our, ..styles? But what is etiquette aside from a fixed, universal style?? How can etiquette then differ!!?


I'll try again.

etiquette: [Origin: 1740–50; < F étiquette, MF estiquette ticket, memorandum, deriv. of estiqu(i)er to attach, stick < Gmc. See stick2, -ette]

memorandum: [Origin: 1400–50; late ME < L: something to be noted, n. use of neut. of memorandus, gerundive of memorāre to mention, tell]

Does your sarcastic sensibility with my sincerity meet in LJ etiquette??

You make blue lines on LJ.

Blue lines are part of a 'dialect,' within LJ, as opposed to dialogue or concept.

If your s.s. attaches something to be noted to our interaction, and

My sincerity exists to attach something to be noted within our interaction, than

Within our (focusing on dialogue/concept of) interaction on LJ, your sarcastic sensibility and my sincerity hold the same values of etiquette.


Fair enough??
..Or was that being subjective and kind, 'cause I sincerely liked your response??????? Hmm......

And onymously yours,



September 6 2006, 06:15:42 UTC 11 years ago

I hope your dicks grow some weird fungus and fall off due to your "tree love"
I'm just curious, but what do you think of paper?