tyciol (tyciol) wrote in arborphilia,

The morality of avoiding abrasion

In my deep deep contemplations of issues, I am wondering, would it be considered an abusive relationship to use sandpaper or other means to smooth the tree to avoid splinters?

I also find that when a tree has lost bark, the wood under the bark is very smooth... sometimes moist if the bark was still alive. I am worried that this might lead me to abuse the trees... for example, one time I even burned the bark after I tore it off, amongst the kindling of fallen limbs of my love's brethren...

I am a monster, and yet I cannot stay away from the shade they provide and warming my hands by their corpses' fumes and light...

Anyway, there is a logical reason too, and that's since it is highly advised here to wear the condoms to avoid the STDs, if you don't sand it smooth then they could tear and I could get her pregnant! Nooo.
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well sandpapering is a personal choice. some trees like it and some trees don't. Talk about it with your treefriend.
I tried, but I think he/she is so offended that I'm getting the silent treatment.

Btw, how do you tell the gender of your tree? I want to know if I am a heterosexual or a homosexual. It is kind of confusing, because some plant like is hermaphroditic... I wouldn't even know what to call myself then! I don't think it would be the same as bisexual...

The plant world is indeed a confusing place.