lindsay marie james esquire the III (omgpretentious) wrote in arborphilia,
lindsay marie james esquire the III

Tree Pornography

Now, I know this community has a no tree pornography rule and I applaud it for that! But, instead of not posting tree pornography because we want to be taken seriously, does anyone feel offended by tree porn? I believe trees should not be objectified. They should be respected! And many trees are harmed during the filming of tree porn :( I just love trees, so so much, it pains me to see them being objectified/abused for someone's cheap thrill!!

Please do not support tree pornography!
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And really, who needs to watch tree porn? There are so many naked ones all over the place at this time of year.... mmmm
yes i hear you. ;D

Besides, the trees in nature look so much more beautiful than the trees in porn! porn trees look so artificial.
D= No more tree porn???
I joined this group because I do love trees, but not sadistically, that's just wrong. I am a biology major, I love nature and I think trees should be protected and not cut down, I am a tree-hugging environmentalist, not dendrophiliac.


March 15 2007, 05:11:28 UTC 10 years ago

lol treefag
Hey, I work for a conservation agency, not some sadisitic recluse, I have a legit reason to love trees and if the people in this group are all going to act like children, that's fine, I have found a group where people act more professional. I am no longer going to waste my time coming down to a child's level to reply to the stupid comments people are posting. I am leaving this group and if the serious people in this group have a problem with it, they can thank the above commenters and maybe see that they be kicked out. People Act More Professional!!!!!


February 7 2007, 05:00:00 UTC 10 years ago

lmfao are you people fucking serious?
lets go fuq a tree baby <33333


December 29 2016, 22:47:46 UTC 6 months ago Edited:  December 29 2016, 22:48:03 UTC


My name is Tom and I am an online reporter at The Sun in the UK. I would like to write a story about someone who is attracted to trees.

We pay for stories so if you are willing to work with us please email

Kind regards,