Jessica (elaraophelia) wrote in arborphilia,

Tree Identification

I have a tree, it's some sort of conifer.
The picture I took was of a branch I found, it was winter and their were no needles on the branch, which doesn't help.
The tree branch was found in Indiana, but I have an Indiana trees book of both native and non-native introduced species and it's not in there.
Does anyone know what kind of conifer this is
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i'd hit it
that doesn't really make any sense

also for anyone who wants to know, no I do not still have the branches, so the only thing I can do now is look at the pictures.
Ok, so I asked a serious question to what I thought would be serious people in this group and I was hoping for some intelligent answers!!!

However, to the person who last commented, I do like your user icon.

But, seriously, I am asking a serious question. I guess for this question, I should have gone to a botanist group, because they would have given me a serious answer, because they probably care.
Half the people in this community are here to proclaim how much they seriously love and want to make out with trees.

The other half are here to make fun of them.
Keep it civil now people, or I'm going to have to start banning someone! Mod
I agree.

Besides to the person above I am not in this group because I want to be a dendrophiliac, I am in it because I respect trees. All I asked was for help IDing a tree and I figured there were "respectful" tree lovers in this group.
Hopefully someone who can identify your tree will be along in a minute....
As far as I can tell, it's a larch or tamarack - same thing, different name.

Larix laricina, as far as scientific names go.
thank you so much for your help. I was thinking it might be judging from the size of the cones, but I had no needles to help me in my identification.


February 7 2007, 21:47:50 UTC 10 years ago

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I am just a biology major, not a dendrophiliac. And, I know one thing, I won't be the one getting kicked out of the group, for foul language. So, if you think for one moment that I am "crushed" by your words, I think I won this one, because I am above calling people fags.