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I Saw the most beautiful tree and vowed to love it forever...

I have to say.. today was probably the best day of this year. I was on the way to work.. When I saw him. He  was long, tall and handsome, and he looked fairly colorful. His leaves were orange and bright red, and just the site of him made me feel a hapiness I have never felt before.  I couldnt help but pull over. His leaves went well with the color of the sky, and he had the friendliest looking face i had ever seen. I decided id call him Phillip Rae. I cannot wait to get to know phillip, as i believe he will make the perfect mate. His Zest for life made my will to live a bit stronger. He allowed me to take a leaf home as a token of our newly found friendship, and I hope, that it will blossom into much more. The Dirt that grew around him was soft and welcoming, and I Layed beneath  it for a while. I was so caught up in this beautiful finding, that i was 20 minutes late for work. It was worth it. I am sure Phillip Rae and I will bloom  into something stronger than life itself. 

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