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Confessions of a neurotic treelover

I've long had a love and admiration of trees -- I guess that makes me a bit of a "hard core" tree-hugger. I feel proud of the care I gave to an Douglas Fir tree I planted back in junior high for arbor day ... I actually had to rescue the tree when it was a wee sapling when the previously empty lot next to us underwent construction and landscaping, burying the sapling under several feet of dirt ... I actually dug it out with my hands. I also watered it in long dry spells and tore away blackberries that threatened to snag it when it was just a young sapling. Today, that tree stands a good 30'+ and the diameter of its trunk near the base is almost as big as my forearm is long, amazingly it rivals the older trees in our yard for height and size.

I was upset when the forest behind our house was destroyed to expand the neighborhood. I also wasn't too crazy about it when I was a guest at a friend's house in Colorado and was asked to chop down a tree so he could get a clear satellite signal ... I did it and don't remember complaining about it, but I remember regretting killing the tree. I used to have an interest in carpentry, but was daunted by the notion of killing trees. I thought if I ever got a place of my own, it'd be made of steel, stone and/or concrete, that I wouldn't want any trees to die to make it.

yeah yeah, I'm all around neurotic

Anyway my history of arborphilia came to mind today as I reflected on the gradual death of a young apple tree in a neighbor's yard visible from where I compute. It was a young tree, scarcely 7 feet tall no thicker in trunk than a broomstick. It became very heavy-laden with fruit and became unsteady, leaning over one way until a strong gust would tip it to lean over another way. Day by day, its leaning over drooped what had been its highest reach lower and lower ... today, its poor trunk finally gave out, snapped and broke.

Am I the only neurotic tree-lover to feel pained at the death of trees?

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