This tree looks pretty hot, right? You sure you want to mate with her?

Well, my friends, this is why you should always wear a condom. This tree, in actuality has an STD. My friends, this is exactly why you should practice safe sex.

Check out this site for more details. (NSFW)


If you are an arborphiliac, or you support the cause of arborphilia — and people's right to choose what to love, I have created this helpful banner for you:

If you can also link this image to this community and spread the word, that can also help. Also, is anyone here interested in helping me build a website? Although this community has existed for a long time, we still don't have a website about arborphilia.

A poem

I wish I could forget the way
Your bark feels against my skin
I wish I could remember the life I had
Before you had me in your branches
The life was simple and lively before
I shed my first tears for you.
Why do you like torturing me with your leaves?
Best friends, you say? I call it bull s**t.

You use me, and I don't mind.
It's the only way I can get to you.
So close, I can feel sap breath on my neck.
I don't want it to end, and yet it kills me

To know you have no feelings involved.
Unlike me.
I'm in love with a dream, nonexistant, painful.
You're amazing, skillful, cruel.

Might as well just shoot me, while I'm still alive.
It wont be for much longer,
I can already feel the life slipping away, so slowly.
Just one more kiss, one more breath,

Please, darling, say you love me.
I don't care if it's just another lie,
I need it to get me high one last time.